Get Ready with Me

Hello Awesome Readers~

I am just curious, how do you spend the first few hours of your day since the time you woke up? What do you always do and how do you get ready with the clothes you will wear?

This morning I decided to film my every morning routine and share it with you. I really don't spend too much time in the mirror even though I adore makeup and beautifying myself. For everyday, I always opt for something light and natural. That would be my favorite go-to makeup look. Honestly speaking, choosing what clothes to wear eats up the majority of my prepping up time. I can't explain why, but I am always particular with the way I look and it always makes me feel confident if I am wearing the clothes I envision myself to be wearing that day. hahah ^^ I don't know if you get me but that's how I roll. :)

I would really love to know how you get ready in the morning. Just leave comments below and share it! ^^

Here's the video on how I get ready for work~




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