My Mini ELF Cosmetics Collection

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Feeling all cold? The days are getting a lot colder and I am just so thrilled that even it's already high noon the wind is still chilly. ^^

Today, I will be sharing some insights about ELF cosmetics. This is my honest opinion about their line and I am in no way sponsored by ELF. It just so happen that my lovely subscriber ate Carmella gave me a handful of ELF products and I also accumulated some, I though of making a separate write up about it and video log to help my lovely subscribers in deciding what to buy in case you haven't tried ELF cosmetics before.

I categorize the products into FACE, EYES, CHEEKS and LIPS. This is to help you guys know more about it better.

For the FACE i got The ELF MINERAL FACE PRIMER and if you want to know more about this product kindly read my separate blog post about it HERE. The ELF All-Over cover Stick which has been a good all purpose product for me since I purchased it. You just have to be very gentle in packing for it has high tendency to crease. And the last is the ELF Tinted Moisturizer which is great for those who have dry skin. But personally I am not a big fan of this particular product so I will not recommend this one for you specially if you have combination skin like me.

For the EYES, I got the ELF duo cream shadows and the ELF trio shadows in Natural. I super love the trio shadows for they have great color pay off and they will work perfect for your everyday look.
The Cream shadows I think you can skip on it. Do not forget to try out the ELF Gel Liner in Black it is good for everyday look as well.

For the CHEEKS, my favorite is the ELF Bronzing and Contouring Blush that looks like the NARS one. It will work well for any skin type plus the quality is definitely worth every penny. The ELF blush in Innocence is also promising. You should give it a try.

And last we have the LIPS. The ELF lipstick and Hypershine lipgloss are bought good but they are not worth raving about.

The ELF brushes are equally good as well. I love the blending brush and the eyeshadow brush for everyday. The rest you can skip on it.

There you go guys, here are my insights about ELF cosmetic products I got. I really hope you like this review. I also encourage you to watch my video about this matter to see the products better and to know more about it.

 THANK You for reading!



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Jemimah Reyes said...

Great ELF stash you have right here! I also love Elf, their products are great for students like me! I absolutely adore their browkit and eyelash curler, HG status! xx

Arrienne said...

Thanks Jemimah! ^^ I will try your faves soon! ^^ Mwahh :)