My Makeup Collection and Organization

Hello Awesome Readers~

This is it finally! I will be showing my makeup collection and organization to all of you. This is the reason why I put up a youtube channel and why I also ventured in blogging about beauty early last year. I love makeup but don't get me wrong, makeup is not the only reason why i feel beautiful. I guess real beauty should always come from within.

Allow me to give you a glimpse on my most favorite part of my room my Vanity Area.

My Vanity area is actually an old TV rack that I decided to convert into my makeup haven. I don't have a lot but I really try to keep my things organized and I tried to really maximize the space a have. I used boxes and containers I got from the past and to segregate and categorize my collection.

These are my brushes. I keep them on an old Victoria Secret box that has cover to protect my brushes from dusts and bacteria build up.

Inside I got two boxes that separates my everyday makeup essentials to my collection. This is to save me time in the morning.

Below, I keep my palettes, correctors and other miscellaneous stuffs. I used another box to house my correctors to give division for my palettes. I also used mug to hold any long makeup items like lip liners, eyeliners, long tubes of lipglosses and more.

If you want to know more, make sure to watch my video in youtube here~
There you have it guys, my makeup collection and organization for 2013. I will keep on updating you if there are any thing I changed or added. Thank you for reading! I hope you like it!

How do you organize your makeup collection? Let me know~



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