My Productive Weekend

Hello Awesome Readers~

How's your weekend? My weekend had been so productive and fun. My family and I visited Quezon City Circle for my nephew. We ate at a restaurant to celebrate my father's birthday and rode some rides in the newly opened amusement area in Circle. I didn't realize Circle will be this beautiful and fun to go to. I will definitely go back to film some of my videos there for my youtube channel.

Then, yesterday, I had my room repainted into what I had envisioned to be a Paris/Vintage inspired room. I chose the a bright but rich color red for the lower part of my wall and a wallpaper that has Eiffel Tower prints on it.

The walls are not yet done though I still have to buy another roll of wallpaper for the rest of the room.

Here are the materials I bought and used.
Boyzen Quick Dry Enamel in International Red
Boyzen Quick Dry Enamel in White
Paint Thinner
Handyman Wallpaper
Paint brushes

  The wallpaper Design ~~

 Step 1 paint the lower part of the wall red! ^^

 Step 2. Attach the wallpaper on the upper half~

Then there you have it!^^ My new wall.

 This is my Vanity area. Watch out for my updated Makeup Collection tomorrow! ^^

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