How to: Conceal Dark Under Eyes

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Do you have any problems with dark under eyes? Do you sleep early at night yet still look the same in the morning? Do you want an easy way to get rid of it? Then this post is just for you!

Women suffer from dark under eyes and usually find this problem hopeless. You do all sorts of things just to lighten up that undesirable area but it still appears dark. So let me help you and give tips on how you can hide dark under eyes and look as fresh as you can be for the season!



You might be super oily but trust me moisturizing makes your skin a lot healthier and it will lessen dryness around your eye area. Buy some under eye creams both for day and night to hydrate your under eyes and to help brighten it up!

Some people think that concealing your under eye area is enough to brighten it up but it's only going to cake you up when not applied well and when you choose the wrong color/product. If you have dark under eye, the best way to hide it is to do spot concealing and correcting. Correct it first by using peach (olive skin) or salmon (fair skin) toned eye correctors then blend it with a little of concealer. Apply only pea size amount then blend away. For concealers, chose the only one shade lighter but not too light for you might be a makeup victim. You don't want the reverse raccoon effect!


What you eat reflects in your skin. So you want to look healthier and reduce chances of getting dark under eye and other skin problems, then get enough sleep, drink lots of water, don't smoke, don't stress yourself too much and last but not the least stay HAPPY! ^^

I hope these tips helped you with your under eye problems. Till next post!



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