Get the Looks of a Beauty Queen

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Did you watch Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Coronation Night last night? Are you also a big fan of beauty pageants like me? I can't really enumerate everything I liked about beauty pageants. I can't even explain it well in words. But one thing's for sure, I love the glitz and glamor of becoming a beauty queen. For me, they are the closets real thing to Barbie! They are just so stunning, always glamorous, always beautiful. 

I've been meaning to create a makeup tutorial about beauty queens and finally I found the excuse to do so! Now I'll show you a way on how you can feel and look like a beauty queen anytime you want to.

From research and constant exposure to a lot of beauty pageants, specifically Binibining Pilipinas pageants, I noticed a makeup trend that almost every candidate sport during coronation night or photo shoots and even TV guesting. And that is sexy and smokey eye look! It's seems that most of the beauty queens opt to focus all the attention to their smouldering eye looks than any other parts of their face like lips or cheeks. Maybe because eyes are the window to our soul and that's the best way to highlight it and to charm the public and the judges. ^_^

So here's my own version of a beauty queen look inspired by Binibining Pilipinas candidates! 

If you want how i pulled it off then don't forget to check out my Youtube tutorial on my channel and to subscribe as well~ ^^



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