Glambox Spring Summer 2013 Blogger Session

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This post had been long overdue - my bad. But anyway, last month, my friend Kristine and I went to an Airbrush event for bloggers held by Glambox. It's their Spring Summer 2013 Blogger Sessions. This event was inspired by Spring Summer 2013 runway looks and they gave us tips and tricks on using airbrush makeup as well as a free makeover done by their resident makeup artist.

It was really fun! Ms. Valerie discussed to us briefly the history of Glambox and how it all started here. They wanted to offer something different to the Filipino market as far as makeup is concerned. They noticed that airbrush makeup was not yet readily available that time and it was usually very expensive when ordered abroad. So they thought of finding the best airbrush makeup to cater to the Philippine market without the hefty tag price. So Glambox was born~

Ms. Val introduced to us the different airbrush tools and machines and how to handle it properly. She even demonstrated on a piece of paper how to do airbrush makeup. It was really cool! Handling the airbrush pen was a bit tricky at first but eventually I got the hang of it and was able to dispense the right amount of product out of the brush.

Ms. Val showing us how to properly clean your airbrush tool.
Pour in just about 3-4 drops of product to the airbrush pen.
Then brush away!!
Meet the small guy (Starter kit) and the big guy (PRO 5000).
They offered us 3 different looks to try for their Spring Summer beauty transformation. The first look was named "Sun-kissed in Paradise" which is all about bronzed beauty. The second one was named "Spring Awakening" which is a natural look with a pop of color on the lips and last "Browmance" which is all about the bold eyebrows!

I ended up choosing the first option which was the Sun-kissed in Paradise which I think was so perfect for summer! Ms. Bunny, Glambox top makeup artist, did my makeup and oh boy, Airbrush makeup felt so good!! While Ms. Bunny's cousin, the hairstylist, Oozy did my fantabulous hairstyle!

Ms. Bunny doing my makeup~

Here's Oozy! :)

And here's me after styling my hair.
 The experience was so amazing! Airbrush makeup isn't too hard after all. I plan to learn more about airbrush makeup soon to further develop my knowledge on makeup! To know more about Glambox and the price rage of their airbrush tools feel free to visit their website HERE.

For more details and inquiries, please contact#0915-8342023 or email or visit www.facebook/GlamBoxCosmetics and

Group PIC!!! Thanks Kristine for the photos! :)
Have you tried airbrush makeup? Share your thoughts!



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