Rainy Day Beauty Essentials

Hello Awesome Readers~

Are you a fan of rainy days? Well, for me it all depends on how heavy it is. I love the cool temperature and breeze rainy season gives but when it's already a typhoon, i don't think anybody will like that idea.

If you are living in a tropical place like Philippines, where dry and wet season are the only options you have, beauty essentials are just so easy to look for and to prepare. It's basically all the items that you've been reaching out most when you go out in the sun or under a pouring rain. But to keep you all organized and reminded of some beauty essentials you must be carrying or bringing with you, here is a simple reminder for that! ^^


Sing it in the air! Bring your trustee one fold or three folds umbrella to keep you dry under the pouring rain. Cute and fashionable umbrellas will make you stand out from all the rest!

Keep it warm. Bring out those thick and warm jackets or coats and sashay it as you go out for work or for school. I really want to have a trench coat like in the picture. I love how it looks. 

Be waterproof. Protect those feet of yours from the eeky and dirty gutter-deep floods along the way. Wear a cute plastic pair of boots to keep your feet dry and protected from all those bacteria!


Keep it in place. Use a primer when applying makeup to keep it in place and to make your makeup last longer. This will also keep you from getting too oily since wet days can also make you oily!

Go light on makeup. Keep you eyes simple and neutral for this kind of season. You don't want to look like a racoon after getting all wet from the rain. Mascara should also be in waterproof formula to keep it from smudging.

Keep it simple. Apply thin layer of foundation all over the face and stay away from heavy coverage for now. It might get wet and make you look like a melting candle. The thinner the better. Use products that has multi-benefits like a bb cream.

Red my lips. Keep you lips simple by using tint as to avoid retouching every now and then. This will also be a great waterproof makeup product that can also act as a blush. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have a really safe week everyone!
Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions!



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