Makeup Lifespan and How to Prolong It!

Hello Awesome Readers~

By now, makeup longevity is nothing new for the consumers and beauty enthusiasts like you. But there are times, we can't help holding on to our favorite makeup item just because we want to make it worth the money that we paid for it. Often times we disregard the shelf life printed on the box or on the label because we sometimes think that it really doesn't always happen that way.

The question is, how can we really tell if the product already reached its lifespan.

For the Face:

Foundations turn into a different color when it reached its lifespan. Some foundations consistency change as well. If it's liquid, the oil and foundation itself separates from one another unless it really looks that way when you first bought it. 

Tip on making your foundations last longer is to store it in a dark place for it easily oxidizes when it's exposed to light.

Blushes on the other hand expires when it becomes too oily especially for oil based blushes or it easily gets disintegrated when you use them. Generally blushes last for six to a year of storage and usage, but powder blushes last longer compared to stick or cream ones.

Tip on making your blushes last longer, for powder brushes  put any remaining crumbs in a smaller container then crush it for easy usage. Make it like a loose powder. 

For the Lips:

Lipsticks' lifespan can be easy to detect. The smell and the consistency change -  a lot! If it smells funky it's time to throw it away. 

Tip on making your lipsticks last longer keep it in the fridge!

For the Eyes:

Mascara is one of the eye products that we should be careful and strict about when it comes to expiration dates. We should always be careful in what products we put on our eyes. For mascaras, if it's already dry and it's hard for you to coat your lashes with one swipe then it's time to say goodbye!

Tips on making your mascara lasts longer, try not to pump your mascara too much for it gets too much air and it will only make your mascara dries out easily.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you learn  something from this. If you happen to have any questions just leave a comment below. Till my next post!



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Genzel Kisses said...

I love this post. Really helpful ^_^ I bookmarked it actually. Have you tried soaking mascara tube into warm water so you can get till the last gram? I've saw a post about it and i'll try it too :)

Arrienne said...

Hi Genzel! Thank you so much for your positive feedback! That's good information! I will try it as well~ Thank you again for dropping by!