Making Shopping Basic Rules

Hello Awesome Readers~

How many of you like makeup shopping? I do! I am guilty on this! I really don't mind if I don't shop as often as I can for clothes, but for makeup, it's a different story. I remember this one time I went makeup shopping with my boyfriend and he just can't really absorb the reason why I shop for makeup every now and then. It's just something I can't explain :)

Sure thing we all share the common feelings towards makeup. We love collecting it and discovering new makeup products give us pleasure. But we should not forget some basic rules when we go out and shop for more makeup items! Here are some basic rules we shouldn't forget:

Know what you want

Cosmetics section can be so overwhelming. If you are not so sure about what you want and what you'll need, browsing the counters will only take so much of your precious time. Do you research ahead of time. Make sure that you already got enough information that you'll need to give this product a try - all thanks to the blogging world where you can find reviews of all sorts of makeup products in and out of the market. Whether you're shopping at a drug store or a department, product knowledge is still the key. Which will lead us to the second rule...

Don't believe everything the SA will tell you

We all need the help of an SA when buying things. But always remember that not all SAs are knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Some of them might not lead you to the right product that you'll be needing. And if you are not aware about what makeup item you exactly want, then you might want to bring along your makeup savvy friend to help you out along the way.

Try products on the counter

The rule of the thumb when trying testers is to rub it or apply it at the back of your hand to see if you like the consistency and the pigmentation. NEVER EVER test products directly to your face or eyes or lips, for you'll never know who have used it and you might acquire some serious irritations or infections. Do not forget to bring a long an alcohol or tissue to wipe off the swatches.

Be nice!

As much as we don't like intimidating and snob SAs, SAs surely don't like the same thing as well. Be friendly and be accommodating. After all they are just doing their job and that is to serve the customers and assist them in everything that we will be needing. If you happen to get easily irritated with SAs who keep on following you and keep on bugging you while your testing out products, you can just simply and kindly say that you will just call them when you need them. Be appreciative and always smile and give thanks!

I really hope Makeup shopping will be a lot fun for you after reading this post. If you have any questions or anything you would like me to post next time, feel free to comment below! Happy shopping!



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Roxy said...

LOL. I can total relate to makeup shopping, and how you can't resist it when those big shiny letters S,A,L,E is displayed. :))

Arrienne said...

You are so right Roxy! :) It's so tempting! ^^ Thanks for reading and dropping by! :)