Makeup Haul Time V.02

Hello Awesome Readers~

I'm back with another makeup haul! I've been meaning to hit most of my makeup checklist this month for I will be saving my money once "BER" month started. New makeup items means a lot of makeup reviews. So please watch out for it and I can't wait to get it all started. If you missed my previous makeup haul click HERE.

This month I did a lot of firsts! My first ever Benefit product, first ever Revlon foundation and today I will be sharing 2 more firsts in this haul. I finally got some items on Etude House and last but definitely not the least from MAC! I really cannot express how happy I am right now that I finally got my hands on MAC's infamous foundation and the review will be up really really soon!

I got MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation in NC40. The coverage is just superb! I might do a side by side comparison with my Revlon foundation soon! What do you think?

Then I also got James Cooper Jazzy Photo Ready Foundation. This is the medium one. It's a 3 wheel cream foundation. I'll show you the product itself on my upcoming review on this soon.

You've seen this ELF Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition on my previous product review. This is a 48 piece eyeshadow book and I am so loving it!

The rest are all Etude House makeup items, I got the eyelash curler, the Color my Brows for the eyebrows and the Oh m Eye Liner in black. Again these are some of my first ever Etude House makeup items! Weeee~

 This is the Enchanted Mermaid's Coral blush that my friend Kristine gave me when she had her beauty talk last weekend. 

I also been wanting to give this Lip tint a try from Etude House since I first swatched it in the store and here it is! I can't wait to give this a review soon as well!

Then here's another Enchanted product. This is their lipstick True Love's Kiss in Nude.

And here are the free stuffs from Etude House! ^^ I haven't really tried face masks before so again this will be my first! ^^ They actually have an on going promo, if you accumulated 1000 worth of products they will give these masks and a sample of I'm Blooming Gel, 2000 worth will be samples of their Wonder Pore line and 4000 worth will be an exclusive Etude House Umbrella!~ How cool is that?

Have you tried these products? What products would you want me to review soon? Let me know~ Thank you for reading! <3 Till my next post! :)


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CJ said...

Awesome haul!

Excited about the review for MAC and James Cooper. I saw one of their stalls at SM department store-makeup section, and they're pretty pricey aren't they. Was a bit surprised to be honest :) Price range is very MAC-ish.


Sabs Hernandez-Dy Liacco said...

Makeup hauls are the best! Hehehe... It's so fun to be a girl! I enjoyed reading about your haul :)

Arrienne said...

Hi CJ! thanks for dropping by! You are so right! James Cooper makeup products are a bit pricey for a local drugstore brand. But according to some reviews they are of good quality so might as well give it a try~

Arrienne said...

Hi Ms. Sabs! ^^ Wow! I am surprised to see your comment! I am so happy right now! Thank you so much for dropping by! I appreciate it a lot! See you around Ms. Sabs!

Janet said...

yes yes please do a comparison or a review on the mac prolong! i've been wanting (for the longest time) to purchase the prolong but budget just doesn't permits. Hoping to see your review on it ^_~

Arrienne said...

I will Janet! ^^ Thanks for dropping by! naku sinabi mo pa..It's really expensive that's why it took me a long time before I got my hands on it~ ^^

Pauline Reyes said...

I’m excited to read the comparison that you’re going to create, wait, are you done with it already?
~Pauline @Kallony

Anonymous said...

where can i buy enchannted products? thannks

Arrienne said...

Hi! This Enchanted Blush was only gifted to me. Sorry I cannot help you on that. :(