Makeup Haul Time!

Hello Awesome Readers~

I've haven't shop this much for the past few years. I really didn't realize that I am so much in need of these items until my photographer friend gave me a makeup gig this weekend. I am so much in a hurry to get all I need for the prenuptial shoot and I can't disappoint my client.

So here are my latest splurges for this month and I can't wait to give you all loads of reviews of all these products I acquired. Well some of these items I've tried already so reviews on it will be up this weekend or early next week.

These are the two main products I got for the face. I actually asked for my Facebook friends and those who follow me on my page for help on what foundation I should give a try and they all voted for Revlon Colorstay. So here it is! I finally took one home and I can't wait to give this baby a try. 

A little trivia though, Maybelline BB Stick is actually my first ever BB foundation or BB makeup product in my stash! ^^ I am really afraid of trying BB creams for it might break me out and it might appear too thick and oily for me, but I am glad to have tried this Maybelline one, I think I am going to try some more BB creams in the future.

Here are my new face powders and I am so excited to try the FS one! I've read a lot of good reviews on this. And 4U2 BB powder is something that made me happy I gave in to the hype. This is really a good BB powder. I can't wait to give this a review for you all soon!

Over here are my eye makeup items. Nichido Minerals Eye pencil was actually recommended by my good friend Kristine of RealAsianBeauty so I gave this a try. I'll share my thoughts in a separate review if you want to. While Essence Get BIG! Lashes was something I got curious about that's why I decided to buy it. 

Way back last year, when I attended a bridal makeup workshop, my teacher used this one for mixing different foundations together and I thought that was just genius. Instead of buying the expensive steel ones, this one is definitely a smarter choice! Works the same anyways!

Now for the finale, Benefit Primping with the Stars - my first ever Benefit makeup! I really can't wait to get my hands on this. I will definitely make a review and a look on this very very soon! So if you are interested stay tuned. :)

Have you tried these items? What product do you want me to review first? Let me know~
Thanks for taking the time to read my post and talk to you all again on my next blog post!

Have a great weekend!



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Kristine said...

I'm excited about the Benefit. ^^ I want to try it soon. Will be waiting for the review~

Genzel Kisses said...

I'm so lovin' your haul dear! I have that 4u2 BB powder and I'm loving it to bits. Perfect for everyday wear. I even love it more than my Ben nye Banana powder which was raved by a lot of bloggers. I'm also excited for your review on that Benefit makeup kit. I've been eyeing on benefit cosmetics too! I believe They're real mascara is best! :)

Janet said...

ooohh, same with Kristine! so excited with the benefit ^_~

CJ said...

Review on that mascara please. I have the one in the black bottle, it's an OK mascara. I find the bristles too big and the formula too wet. Looking for a better one :)