Korean Makeup Style

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I believe Korean people are one of the races who were blessed with perfectly looking skin! Who wouldn't admire their fair and almost poreless skin. They seriously don't need too much makeup anymore just to look good. And I've been trying hard to achieve that kind of look but I guess this is the closest I can do.

I love how simple their makeup looks look on them. When you watch Korean Dramas, they just simply glow. They can pull off the "NO MAKEUP" look so easily! I really want to emulate that for my everyday makeup and I really want to wear as minimal makeup as possible. Not just because I want to look like Koreans but because Philippines is one hell of a hotpot everyday even if it's the rainy season already. Minimal makeup means minimal mess! :)

So, here's the look that I came up with inspired by Koreans. It's a simple everyday look using only some of their staple makeup looks like the winged eyeliner and gradient glossy lips.

Products used were all mentioned in the video. I hope you enjoy watching and tell me what you think! :) Till next time! :) Annyeong! :)



If you want to see some of my Korean Inspired Look 

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