5 Makeup Tricks that will Transform Your Looks in Seconds

Hello Awesome Readers~

Do you want to know 5 simple makeup tricks that will transform your looks in seconds? Well, this might be your lucky day. I created a video related to that and I really can't wait to share it to you! This is a foolproof way to look extra special everyday! Enjoy watching!

Number 1: The Eyebrows

Eyebrows doesn't only frames our face but it can also transform your look. Well-groomed eyebrows have the power to change your looks and can definitely brightens up your face. Use any eyebrow pencil or cake you have to give your eyebrows shape. Follow the natural shape of your groomed eyebrows and start filling it in.

Number 2: Nose Line

If you want an instant lift and taller nose, this trick will come in handy. Just simple choose a color a shade darker than your skin tone and start by contouring the sides of your nose. Blend the contouring color well then viola! Taller looking nose!

Number 3: Blush

To give color to your skin, blush is needed. Choose a color that is going to compliment your skin tone and lightly brush it on your cheeks. Do not put too much pressure as to avoid putting too much product on. And to give extra glow on your look, apply highlight on top of your cheek bones.

Number 4: Mascara

Our eyes need some definition too. Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of your favorite mascara both on your top and lower lashes. This will definitely make your eyes pop!

Number 5: Eyeliner

Apply white eyeliner all over your water line. This step will surely make your eyes look more wide awake and more expressive. 

There you go dear ladies, I really hope you liked this post! Till next time! Have fun! Let makeup transform you! :)



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