Benefit's Primping with the Stars First Impressions Review

Hello Awesome Readers~

The much awaited Benefit review is he
re! I finally got to chance to swatch the products and took some pictures for you to see! Thanks for all those who left comments on my previous blog about my makeup haul and gave an idea on what I should be reviewing first. So Benefit won, so here is my first impression about this particular beauty set.

Let me just clear things out here, this is just a First Impressions post/review, I really haven't got the chance to road test these items yet so this particular review is just about my initial reaction upon swatching and feeling the products. Thorough review will be up as soon as I can. 

What is Benefit Primping with the Stars beauty kit all about?

Basically, this kit is all about the All-Time greatest "Fake-Its" of Benefit. These are the products that works wonders in makeup application. Products that has to do with priming, brightening,lengthening, highlighting - the foundation of makeup application. 

This beauty kit contains all trial or travel sizes of some of the infamous products of Benefit cosmetics. This kit includes Stay Don't Stray, The Porefessional, Some kind-a Gorgeous, Benetint, Girl Meets Pearl and They're Real.

Benefit Primping with the Stars retails for 1700php and is available in Rustans. This beauty kit is part of the regular items being sold in Benefit counters so you won't really have to rush in buying this item. 

Let's talk about the packaging. The packaging is AMAZING! The items were housed in a recyclable benefit box that will last for a long time. It is very handy and the box was made really well. It looks and feels high quality. It opens like a book and there you can see the items divided really well with proper labeling as to what order you will be using the items. 

It also comes with makeup tricks with illustrations that you can simply follow to achieve a really beautiful look. The mirror that comes with is really handy and convenient. Not too small not too big. It's just the right size for you to see your entire face. There is really nothing I can ask for when it comes to the packaging of this beauty kit.

Now time for the products!

Starting off with Stay Don't Stray. Stay Don't Stray is an eye primer and can also act as a concealer. The consistency is just like any other concealer from a tube like this. It has a doe foot applicator and it can easily be blended. One thing I noticed, it's a little bit sticky once it dries. But I really don't mind. 

So here are the things I liked about Stay Don't Stray:
  1. Straight to the point product.
  2. Easy to use and apply.
  3. No pungent smell.
  4. Works as a good eye primer.
  5. Can really make your eyeshadows vibrant.
  6. Lasts a long time.

What I didn't like:
  1. Dries out a bit sticky for me.

Next would be  The Porefessional. Porefessional is a face primer. It promises to quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. It comes in tube like this. It's sealed properly to prevent any contamination. 

What I liked about The Porefessional:
  1. Goes on smoothly.
  2. Easy to blend.
  3. Lightweight
  4. Doesn't feel oily.
  5. Dries out into a matte form
  6. Does it's job well
  7. Makeup can easily adhere to this primer
  8. Contains Vitamin E
  9. Fragrance free

What I didn't like:
  1. Nothing for now.
Here's  Some kind-a Gorgeous. Some kind-a Gorgeous is a cream foundation. It comes in a pan like this. It claims to be oil-free, cream-to-powder finish fakes foundation. It's silky , even perfection for your complexion.

What I liked about Some kind-a Gorggeous:
  1. Creamy texture and consistency
  2. Blends out evenly and smoothly
  3. Fragrance free

What I didn't like:
  1. Too oily for my liking
  2. The only shade available for this beauty kit is Medium. You really cannot choose.
Now time for Benetint. Benetint is a rose-tinted stain that claims to be kiss proof and can last for a long time. It is a see through color that can used for both cheeks and lips. It comes in a bottle container and a brush applicator.

What I liked about Benetint:
  1. Lightweight
  2. No pungent smell
  3. Easy to blend
  4. Leaves a soft stain that looks so natural
  5. Brush applicator is really helpful

What I didn't like:
  1.  Too liquidy
 Here is Girl Meets Pearl. It is a soft golden-pink liquid pearl luminizer. It's light-reflecting pigments gives off dewy glow. It comes in a tube like this and it's sealed properly as well.

What I liked about Girl Meets Pearl:
  1. Great consistency
  2. Blends easily
  3. No pungent smell
  4. A little goes a long way
  5. Contains raspberry and chamomile
  6. Really amazing luminizer

What I didn't like:
  1.  Nothing for now.
Last but not the least, They're Real. They're Real is lengthening, volumizing and curling mascara. It claims to be jet black, long wearing and smudge proof. It comes in a container like this and has a regular looking mascara wand.

What I liked about They're Real:
  1. Really jet black 
  2. No pungent smell
What I didn't like:
  1.  Nothing for now.
Again I would like to remind you that these are only my initial thoughts about these Benefit products. Thorough reviews and road tests of these products will be up very very soon! For now, I can safely say that I loved everything except Some kind-a Gorgeous. But I have yet to test it out and see if it will change my mind.

Thank you for reading my post and talk to you all again on my next post! If you have any questions feel free to comment below and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.



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Kristine said...

Hehe thanks for the quick review! I love the photos and the set up. Im really curious about the benetint? Is it really good or just over-hyped? :)

Arrienne said...

Kristine I can safely say from the initial swatch it is a good product. If you want natural look, go for this. I think you will like this! But if you are into highly pigmented product/ tint, this can be buildable~

Jenniya said...

I really wanted to try Benetton products! :)

Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

Arrienne said...

Yes Jeeniya~ Give it a try soon!

Janet said...

Girl Meets Pearl looks really pretty on the swatch you provided. I can see it will reflect as a nice highlighter ^_~

Arrienne said...

Yes Janet! It is really pretty! By far this is my favorite among them all! ^^

Traveliztera said...

Hi Arrienne!

I love your blog ! :) And I enjoyed this post kasi I love Benefit's products... I recently blogged about their mascara too haha!

I have to agree with your comment about Benetint... I spilled it accidentally, and with it being too "liquidy", well, it wasn't helpful at all.

Love your blog, girl! And you're gorgeous! :)

-Steph of

Arrienne said...

Hi Steph! Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my post! I will check your post about their mascara and I hope we keep in touch!

Pauline Reyes said...

One thing I like about Benefit Cosmetics is their products are straight forward and easy to use and apply.
~Pauline @Kallony