The Day that the Lord Has Made

Hello Awesome Readers~

I am officially 25 years old! I reached my Silver Jubilee on earth! ^^ I can't imagine how time flies so fast! It all happened 25 years ago when my Mama gave birth to a boouncing baby girl at 5:45 in the morning on October 24th on the year of the dragon that was named Arrienne. 

My 25th year birthday surprise from friends and family was really a bliss. Something I cannot ever forget. Every year God has blessed me so much more and every year it gets better and better.  More than material gifts, praises and greetings, I received the best trophee in the world that I could ever asked for! And that is knowing that there are a lot of people who genuinely care and love me for who I am and believes in me no matter what! There maybe areas in my life I wasn't so successful about yet, but God never forgets to make me feel blessed and to make me feel contented by surrounding me with these kinds of people whom I worked with every single day.

If you were to ask me about how happy and fulfilled I am now that I've existed for 25 years, I can confidently say to you that I am grateful and blessed to be experiencing what I am experiencing right now. To be able to inspire people in my own little way, to be able to reach and achieve my big and small dreams every day and to be able to fulfil my dreams slowly each day is such an amazing feeling for me. I am glad that at this age I am still single and can still enjoy my life while I can. This age is the perfect age for me to explore new horizons, to take greater leaps in life and to be able to dream and reach new found dreams. I am going to be limitless for the next years that God will bless me. I will take on new challenges and will definitely be more appreciative with what I have now and be proud of whom I have become.

I have found new groups of people who can add up to my growing family of friends. I admire each and everyone of them and I cannot thank them enough for bringing the best in me.

My very own team in which I've been a part of for almost the entire time I have been working in my company has never forgotten how to give me suppport and to acknowledge my perseverance.

My admin family who has always been there to give me a boost of confidence whenever I am doubting myself.

For all the people I've worked with, still working with and will be able to work with in the future, I thank you all so much for being an instrument in building whom I've become today.

Most importantly the people behind my wings, my ultimate friends and my dearest family, I thank you all for not leaving my side for always showering me with unconditional love. I really really love you all so much and I cannot thank you and God enough for bringing you all into my life. My 25 years of existence became even more meaningful because of you!

Now To my 25 year old self:

I want to give you a big pat on the back for making it this far! You've accomplished a lot from big things to small things and I can't be anything but be proud of you. You still have a lot of things to improve, things to achieve, things to learn, people to love, places to visit, dreams to fulfil, but I know you won't give up! I know you will continue to do great things through the one and only God you believe in! On your 25th year, i pray for nothing more but happiness and joy that it may bring happiness and joy to other people who will see you grow and whom you'll touch. Have a great year ahead self!



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Anonymous said...

More love and happiness Ms.Arrienne!

Vabes said...

aaaaahh... ^^ I love you! I'm blessed to have you as my friend!

Janet said...

belated happy birthday!! stay happy and gorgeous ^_~

Arrienne said...

Thank you so much wonderful ladies!!! ^_^