Neutral Eye Look for Every Occasion

Hello Awesome Readers~

Today's makeup look post is all about Neutrals! Neutrals are always the safest and the best set of colors to go for when in doubt and in a hurry. Neutral palettes are always a fool-proof way of wearing makeup.

I love neutrals and for sure a lot of too. It compliments  every skin tone and eye color perfectly. That's why it's always one of the first set of palettes you must have if you still starting out with makeup. One of the basic shades indeed.

But on the hand, wearing neutrals everyday can be a bit boring at some point too. So I have here one way of wearing neutrals with a twist. I call it Neutral eye look for every occasion. You know holidays are just around the corner and parties will be left and right, you might want to have this look saved for last minute makeup looks. Wearing neutrals will never be the same again.

If you want to see how I did it, watch the video below~
I will be making more looks with this palette soon! I would really like to show you different looks that you can pull off with just a neutral palette. ^^ I really love it!

Thank you for reading and watching!

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Janet said...

love love love the eye makeup gorgeous! ^_~ I always enjoy seeing your makeup post =)

Anonymous said...

Can't find a word... BEAUTIFUL :)

Arrienne said...

Thank you so much!! ^_^


Your blog is amazing! Make-ups are not really my thing but when I started to watch your videos, ding, I think this will be one my hobby. Hahahaha. I'll keep watching make-up tutorials! More power :)


Arrienne said...

Hi Shaira!

I'm so happy to be able to inspire people with what I do. So glad you enjoyed reading and watching my tutorials. :) Thank you so much!!

The Kyliebabii said...

Very pretty! You're obviously very good with makeup. I love the NAKED Pallette 2 as well!

Arrienne said...

Hi babe Kylie! Thank you for appreciating!! ^_^ Naked 2 is the bomb!