Makeup Spotlight: Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Long Beach

Hello Awesome Readers~

I am officially a neutral lover! Recently, I noticed how much I am drawn into anything with neurtal shades or tones - sandals, bags, clothes and even makeup all are in neutral shades. I don't know what's up with me lately but it seems that my taste is already getting a lot different now that I am starting to learn makeup even better. 

Neutral tones are really timeless and sophisticated. It can go with any outfit, occassion and even season. Neutral tones are the safest yet the best way to go for when in doubt or when in a hurry. It just simply works wonders even if the colors are just basic and simple.

I was blessed enough to be given this new neutral palette in my collection and it's the Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow. Let's get to know this palette deeper.

What is Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow? (gift)

It's an eight shadow palette that claims to be long-lasting and great for summer time. This is a palette perfect for ladies on the go who are heading to the beach. It contains trendy eyeshadow colours including an applicator. It's available in 2 palettes - the 01 South Beach and  02 Long Beach.

Here's a closer look of Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow in 02 Long Beach.


really compact
easy to travel with
came in a clear plastic compact easy for you to see the products inside without opening the palette

doesn't have a decent mirror to use during application


comes in 8 different shades to mix and match with
all colors compliments each other
comes with lighter and darker tones
the shimmers of the eyeshadows are really fine
creamy texture
blends in well

all eyeshadows is shimmery
when blended tends to loose its pigmentation


decent pigmentation but nothing to get crazy about

pigmentation could be better


with eyeprimer the eyeshadows can lasts relatively longer than when applied on it's own
lasts for 12 months

because of it's shimmery finish it tends to look ashy when blended out and might fade in no time


easy to apply using fingers or other makeup tools

the applicator that comes with it is just a waste. I threw it away that's why you can't see it here in the pictures.

Now for the swatches!


Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow in Long Beach is really a pretty palette. With 8 diffrent colors to choose from, it's definitely worth a try. Although I think it would be better if they incorporated some matte finish eyeshadows in the palette so that it wouldn't be over the top when you applied and mixed and matched them with all the shimmery glitters going on. But I cannot deny the great texture of the eyeshadows. It's so creamy and easy to pack on. The color can easily be picked with any makeup tools you'll use. It's handy, and trully designed for on-the-go ladies out there! Even if it was intended for summer and for heading out to the beach makeup, this palette can work perfectly with any occassion you'll be attending to in the future. It's versatile and for sure it's affordable! I recommend this palette for all of those who are into shimmery eyeshadows with good texture and consistency!

If you have any suggestions and products you would what me to feature and review, feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading this post! Till next makeup spotlight!



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Kristine Roces said...

Glad you like it! Ako pumili at bumili nito... ako din nag balot. lol. ako ang nag tanim, nagbayo at nag saing. hehe ^_^

Arrienne said...

Thanks Tinay!! I appreciate it so much! Mwahh!! <3 kaw na!!

Pauline Reyes said...

Ha ha ha! Why did you throw the applicator? Is it really that useless? LOL
~Pauline @Kallony

Arrienne said...

Yes Pauline! I did~ It was really of no use! It was very flimsy. :)