Makeup Spotlight: Collection Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance 4

Hello Awesome Readers~

Today's Makeup Spotlight is yet another Collection Cosmetics item that I also featured in my previous Huge Collective Haul. It's the Collection Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance 4.

I am not really a lip gloss person. I would prefer lipsticks rather than lipgloss. Why? Because I just don't seem to find the need to apply lipgloss on top of a lipstick for most of lipsticks are satin finish and glossy enough to layer an even glossier top coat. But when I decided to give this Collection Lock N Hold Lipgloss a try I suddenly think hey, this can be good~!

What is Collection Lock N Hold Lipgloss? (249 php)

It's a long lasting lipgloss that will guarantee that your lips are locked in all day. It's also has super non-sticky formula. It's available in 5 different shades. It's wand shape means no nonsence easy application for girls on the go.

Here's a closer look!


feels sturdy
easy to open cap

Plastic material


really good texture and consistency
not sticky at all
hydrates the lips well
smells good



really decent pigmentation for a lipgloss
not too opaque nor too sheer



stays for a couple of hours

6 hour wear is impossible especially if you drink a lot or eat.


Super easy application
Doe foot applicator is really soft and bends upon application


Time for the swatches!!

Collection Lock N Hold in Break Dance 4 on my bare lips.


Collection Lock N Hold lipgloss proves to me that applying lipgloss on top of my lipstick can make your lips look smoother and polished. I enjoyed using this so much. The best thing about this lipgloss is its non-stick formula that really won't make your lips feel so gooey and ugly. Although hair can still get caught when it accidentally touched your lips, it's easy to remove so don't worry. I just wish they will come up with more shades next time. I highly recommend you try this if you are a lipgloss person! This will definitely be a nice addition to your collection~

Do you like lipgloss?
Have you tried this already?
What are your thoughts?
Let me know on the comment section below~

Till next post!


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Anonymous said...

It's really helpful. Have you tried using products of HUMAN NATURE? I'm just wondering if you have some reviews about their products. Thanks!!!

Arrienne said...

Oh I haven't! But I am aware of it~ wasn't to try one yet. Do you have any suggestion? what Human Nature product should I try?

Anonymous said...

Hi! You maybe can try their lip balm but I'm not pretty sure if you would want to because you said you're not a lip gloss person... :)

Arrienne said...

lip balms are really helpful! I think I might want to give that a try! Lip gloss is just an extra step on applying lipstick but lip balms are like lip primers. It's one important step before applying anything on someone's lips so why not! thank you for recommending! I'll try it soon and hope you continuously come back for updates here on my blog~ mwahh! <3

Anonymous said...

I'll surely wait for that! I always check your blog unfortunately I don't have time to watch your videos so most of the time I'll look closely to your picture to see how you did your make up! Thanks for replying! :)

Arrienne said...

thanks for patiently waiting for my articles! I really appreciate it. Sometimes I really don't get to squeeze in all of my plans in a day or in a week that's why I tend to skip some days. but now that I know there's someone like you, I will definitely keep you updated! ^^ I will also try to take step by step pictures for my makeup looks for readers like you who cannot watch my videos.~ ^^

Anonymous said...

I know that this is kind of a HOBBY or more like PASSION???? :) and I'm glad that you share your knowledge with us. Keep it up Ms. Arrienne!