50 Random Facts about Me + 10 more!!!

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Let me introduce myself even further to you. Aside from the facts that you already know about me, since you started reading my blog, I created my version of 50 Random Facts About Me video on Youtube. I have mentioned a lot of funny and weird things about me there but I would love to give you some more random facts about me just in case you would like to know more. Well, honestly speaking, this actually is more for me than for you. It allowed me to know myself better and to realize how crazy and at times simple I am.

There is one thing I would like you to do first before reading the 10 other random facts about me and that is to watch the other 50 first on the video below for you to somehow relate to whatever craziness you'll read below. ^_^ Enjoy watching!

All right time for the 10 more Random Facts About Me!!!

1. I love the smell and the comfort of fresh and clean bed sheets.
2. When I discovered or rediscovered a new or old song and it became my favorite, I can listen to it on repeat for so long until it won't be my favorite anymore.
3. Although I love talking to people, I really get scared when it's the doctor I needed to talk to.
4. I am an overly attached person. I tend to cling and become super attached to people I get along with.
5. Although I am overly attached person when it comes to my friends and my boyfriend, I am not that type of person that will get jealous when you are with other friends or when you find someone else you want to be with.
6. I am a good secret keeper because I tend to forget things when you mention the word SECRET. I can't explain but I guess my brain has a way of keeping information locked up to the point I can't remember you even said a secret to me. lol!
7. I hate washing clothes but I do enjoy washing dishes.
8. I am pretty loyal when it comes to work and people I cherish the most. I don't get fed up easily and get impatient when it comes to the work I do and people I love but I also have a boiling point. Once I reached that point rest assure that I won't ever come back.
9. I always give the benefit of the doubt to people around me.
10. I hate spicy food!

Hope you enjoyed watching and reading these Random Facts about Me and I would really want to know you guys even more! Hope you could leave a comment below about any random facts about you you would like me to know. I am looking forward to get to know you guys! Have a great week ahead of you!

Till next post!


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Abby said...

You look adorable. Love the makeup and your top!

First time to drop by your blog today. Hope we can connect. Let me know if you'd like to follow each other on GFC & other social networks?