How to Rock Red Lips

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According to studies, men give more tips to women who wear red lips than those who wear other lip color. The idea here is not to get tips but get noticed in the right way! If you are a fan of lipsticks like I do and would love to sport red lips for everyday or for special occasions I have prepared some tips and tricks on how you can ROCK those RED LIPS like a pro!

The video below will guide you through the step-by-step process! It's super easy!!!

Now to give you further details as to why we should do those step-by-step process to attain the most rockin' red lips ever, read along!

TIP 1:
Exfoliate your lips.
This step is the first step for a purpose and that is to remove dead skin on your lips that will cause your lipstick application course and chappy. This will also help reveal a smoother canvas for your lipstick application later.

TIP 2:
Prime your lips.
Exfoliating can at times leave your lips dry especially if you do this often which I highly discourage you to do so. Priming your lips will seal the deal and make your lips soft and kissable! ^^

TIP 3:
Conceal your lips.
This will help bring out the pigmentation of the lipstick. Our lips has it's own pigmentation and may at times contradict or change the true color of your lipstick hence concealing will make the colors more opaque and stand out.

TIP 4:
Line your lips.
Lip liner will not only give shape to your lips but it will also help your lipstick stay long. Think of it like a layer of your skin. It will help to maintain the redness of your lips even if you eat and drink often.

TIP 5:
Apply your desired lip color.
Simply apply the lipstick straight from the tube but if you want a more precise application, you can use a lip brush. You will instantly see the overall effect of applying the lip liner first before the lipstick itself. It looks bolder and better!

TIP 6:
Blot your lips.
This will help remove some excess layer of lipstick you just applied.

TIP 7:
Get a cotton swab and rim your inner lips.
This will make sure that there wouldn't be any stain in your teeth after the application.

TIP 8:
Wear neutral eye look.
If you choose to sport a really bold lips regardless of the color, for a day time look, avoid applying bold eyeshadows that will contradict to the boldness of your lips. The rule of the thumb is to choose one part that you would like to highlight or to emphasize. In this case, obviously, we chose the lips, so better keep those eyes looking natural unless you want to look like a mess.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any further tips you would like to share as to how to ROCK red lips and i'll talk to you all again next time!

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