Burot Beach Calatagan Batangas

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It's already May and summer is almost over. But before we bid goodbye to summer 2015, let me just share this affordable get-away that you and your friends can enjoy near the Metro.

Let me take you to one last Summer outing this 2015. My office teammates and I went on a summer get-away to Burot Beach located at Calatagan Batangas. According to some research, Burot Beach can be considered "unspoiled" since there are no establishments or resorts built around the beach yet and the only means of lodging that you can avail would be rented tents, picnic tables or a floating balsa that you can hire for 1500php.

Burot Beach is 3-4 hours away from Manila and I suggest you really map out the way to Burot Beach before you go there on a private vehicle to avoid being lost just like what happened to our team. Burot Beach is owned by SM Group of Companies and will soon be developed to attract even more tourists. 

Burot Beach entrance fee is for about 60php+ per head for a day tour and the picnic table good for 10 pax is for only 350php. We brought our own tents so we didn't have to rent anymore but the tents' rates depend on the size ranging from 400php and up. 

We arrived at around 5 in the morning and we were able to find a good spot to stay while enjoying the view. We rested under the shade of a big tree and set up the tents as well. There were a few number of people who stayed overnight and were sleeping by the time we arrived so it is strictly not allowed to be noisy around this time. 

As the sun rises, the calm water of Burot Beach is beginning to welcome us and we saw the unique beauty of this unspoiled beach in Calatagan. The water is not as clear as I was expecting it to be but it wasn't so bad either. The sand is also not as white and not as fine as other beaches in Batangas but it has its unique appeal to it.

As high noon approaches, people from all walks of life started coming in and in no time, the beach was full of tourists everywhere. I really suggest not to come here on a weekend or on a holiday if you don't want to stay in a really crowded beach.

After lunch, we decided to go island hopping and we were just so glad we did. It brought us away from the crowd and that's were I saw crystal blue waters hidden in Burot Beach. 

We went to a sand bar in the middle of the ocean - my favorite! Then, to Star Fish Island and finally we snorkel in an island to see some coral reef formation.

Burot Beach for me is a beautiful destination for people who are beach bums but wouldn't want to spend too much money on vacation, however, Burot Beach has it's own horror stories too. When I say horror stories, these are super bad areas or points about Burot Beach. 

First is the horrific comfort rooms and bathrooms. It's just so inconvenient and just useless. The water is not coming out from the faucet and the bowls are clogged. No maintenance at all. Yes, you should not expect any luxurious comfort rooms in an unspoiled beach like this but there are tourists coming in just a decent comfort room will not hurt the nature. Oh goodness! My experience with their comfort rooms and bath rooms are just so terrible. 

And lastly, are the huge number of sea urchins all over the beach area. You really have to be careful when walking on the water because you'll never know when you'll accidentally step on one. I suggest you wear aqua shoes or slippers when swimming or walking around the beach.


Burot Beach is a decent beach you and your friends can visit this summer if you want the feel of going back to basic with no electricity and being one with nature, but I don't think this beach is best for kids. I really discourage to bring kids along when you plan a trip to Burot Beach. Howeer, fobarkadas out there, Burot Beach is waiting for you to discover~
r adventurous

Happy Summer Everyone!

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