Summer Cloud Nails

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Summer makes everything look so festive and happy. For me this is our very own version of Spring in a tropical country just way hotter of course. Everything looks festive and beautiful. Colors are so vibrant and the sky is clear all the time! And what better way to bring in the summer vibes in your everyday getup is to design your nails like the bright blue skies. 

Michelle Phan has done this nail art tutorial few years ago and I am just so happy to finally get this cloudy nail art done on my own nails c/o of my super artistic friend Louie. I also got so inspired when I found the perfect periwinkle shade nail polish from OMG that I have been looking for such a long time! So let the nail art begin!

Apply your base color. Louie used this periwinkle shade from OMG named Cloud on my nails. See, even the nail polish's name is perfect for this nail art! 

To achieve the opacity needed, apply 3-4 coats of OMG Cloud nail polish.

Using a bobby pin, dip the head of the pin on a white nail polish of your liking then start creating dots and forming a cloud. 

Repeat this step until you finally covered and designed all your finger nails. Try to be creative and try to use different number of clouds per nail for better results.

Seal everything using a Matte coat. Here, Louie used OMG Matte Potion.

Then that's it! You have your very own Cloud Nail Art to sport this summer!

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