Nail-Art Favorites

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Prepping the nails and putting nail polish are my weaknesses. But good thing I have an awesome friend who can do it so well! I am her willing model! Thanks to her, my nails are now always looking good and oh so fine! 

My friend's name is Louie and I am just so blessed to have her around. I have been her willing model for quite sometime now and I am just so excited to share to you her works. Since summer time is the perfect season to play around with beautiful nail colors I thought I might share to you some of my favorite nail polishes as of the meantime. Well, again, I am no nail-art expert and my nail polish favorites are just so random and cheap but hey, I love it and it works so why not spread the news! ^^

Here's my ultimate favorite, The Chic Kathryn Bernardo Collection Nail Polish in Hula Hoop. This has been my go-to summer nail color and I've been obsessing on this since the day I saw it! I want a pastel color like this for so long and I am just so glad to have finally found it!

I wasn't to take a picture of the bottle so sorry for that :(

Then my favorite top coat. OMG Matte Potion. Love how to it effectively matifies glossy nail polish and transforms it into something like candy! Perfect combination for my Chic Nail Pilish Hula Hoop. 

Here are some nail art creation by friend! ^^ Enjoy~ Really cannot remember the nail polishes used but don't worry next time I'll post a nail related article I will make sure~

Till next post!


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