L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD Review + Demo


Hello Awesome Readers!~

Just like any other makeup enthusiast, I am dying to find the best concealer out there that will help me create a flawless canvas whenever I work with my clients and whenever I play around with my makeup. But of course, I want something that will work wonders but still keep my savings intact.

Then I found, L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD. I've been so intrigued about this concealer for so long for I have seen my favorite makeup gurus rave about this and have seen how well it worked on their skin. The packaging really reminds me of the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer which I really want to try as well but unfortunately it's not locally available here in the Philippines. L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD is the closest to the Hard Candy Concealer one when it comes to packaging plus the good reviews of my favorite gurus so I have to give this a try.

I tried this for a couple of times now and I've done a look using this as well on my Youtube Channel just recently (Kylie Jenner) and here are the things I can say about it.

Great packaging, I mean the built-in brush is just so genius.
Affordable (299php)
Available locally
Amazing coverage
Smooth and creamy texture
Sets in easily
Light-weight yet covers well
Blends in so well
Doesn't crease

Has only 3 shades available locally

I got the lightest shade because I intentionally want to use this a highlight or as an eye brightener and I am just so glad that it performs well and did what I supposed to do. L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD is a concealer that I highly recommend. The coverage of this concealer is definitely comparable to some other concealers that are high-end. I have watched and read a review that this L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD is comparable to Mac's Prolongwear concealer. That says a lot! I would love to purchase the other 2 concealer and use the darkest one for contour.

I have done a video review and demo for you guys below so please do check it out and see what I
meant by GO BUY ONE~ ^^

Till next makeup review!
Have you tried this one? Did you like too?


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Joyce Sanares said...

What shade are you using? I have one in Light Beige and I purchased it from an online shop worth Php 220. :) and I also know a physical store that sells the Hard Candy Glamouflage Concealer, Shopitude in EspaƱa Manila. Just look around inside the shop and find the cosmetics area there, i forgot the online shop but its really easy to find. Hope this helped you. :) and oh the online shop where I purchased my LA HD Pro Conceal offers a wide range of shades and color correctors as well :)

Arrienne said...

Hi Joyce! Wow this was so helpfuL! Thank you for recommending! ^_^ Mine is in Creamy Beige~ ^^