Makeup Memes I Can Totally Relate to

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I love reading memes whenever I have nothing to do and I just want to kill time. Memes are everywhere and you really don't have to go a specific site to find one. Memes are funny because it reflect our daily struggles and the truth behind what we do, think and see. People create memes for just about anything and makeup is not excuse from this trend. Makeup memes make me laugh the most that's why I would like to share some memes I have found that I can really relate with. Sending all good vibes to you this weekend!

Just what I thought I'll do when I said I will be saving money for something else. And yes! I have failed a lot of times. Not proud about that but happy. ^^

I totally agree with this. This happened to me so many times before and I just can't understand why I have to feel the need to sneeze whenever I am applying or just applied mascara. It sucks sometimes but this funny meme made it a lot lighter. 

This chart is on point! It's a daily struggle for me to apply my eyeliner, nail polish and eyebrows as perfect as the other. It's just a common mistake I do every time and reading this meme is a good reminder that I am not the only one who goes through this everyday. Good to know! Made me feel less worried or OCD.

Uh huh! My weakness and always will be~ Feed the need!

Oh this one! I have a true story for this. Few years back when Manila got hit by a very strong typhoon and our house was flooded and we needed to relocate, I packed a bag full of makeup and wouldn't leave without it with me. haha! Best decision ever and would still fo the same thing over again if needed.

This is one is funny because whenever my boyfriend and I pass back makeup aisles he will distract me to look at some other places but would fail because my eyes are fixed on those shelves of makeup! He will even tell me "Mata mo!" 

Yup! You can never have enough lipstick and makeup! ^^ Not in your entire existence! Never! 

What memes can you guys relate to?
Share it below and tell me the funniest meme you have ever read/seen!

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