Quick Friday Haul

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Time for a quick haul! Nothing much but I still want to share these things to you just in case you'll find this helpful. Plus these things will be used for future reviews and DIYs so please keep coming back for future posts about it. Let me know as well what products you want me to review~

Beauty Finds

I bough new lipsticks from my favorite Tupperware Colour Collection line and I got the shades Amber and Burnt Russet. These are from the same collection of the previous Tupperware Colour Collection lipsticks I have featured HERE.

I super love there lipsticks and I want to buy all the shades I like. They are very affordable as well. They are on sale this month for only 330php+ for 2.

Amber is a really warm orangy peach shade that is great fro everyday and Burnt Russet is a deep red color for night and dramatic looks. Both of these are satin finishes.

I also bough Maybelline's Electropop Baby Lips in Pin Shock. These are 89php each at Watsons. I will be doing a quick DIY soon and these Baby Lips will be used! Can't wait to share that to you~

Craft Finds

Since I'll be doing a very fun project soon, I bought these craft materials at National Bookstore to help me complete my project. I bought these Sharpie Markers and I've been eyeing these at the bookstore and can't wait to use these for my project soon! They have a wide array of colors to choose from and will be perfect for so many DIYs.

I also bought a spray paint in medium violet for only 130php for another DIY~ ^^

Have a great weekend ahead guys!


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