Multi-Masking Skin Care Trend

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Here's another beauty report. There is this new beauty craze that netizens are buzzing about and it has something to do with skin care. It is called "Multi-Masking". Have you heard about this? If you haven't let's get into it and perhaps this can save us from weird skin conditions in the future.


What is Multi-Masking?

"Multi-Masking" is all about using more than 1 masks all at the same time to best address your skin's problems. Some areas of our face might be dry and some might be oily and one mask cannot solve it all, hence the idea of Multi-Masking.

Our skin's concern varies depending on season, sensitivities and environment, but here are common skin concerns of the face and how you can best get the right mask to solve it for Multi-Masking.


The T-Zone

This area tends to be the oiliest for most cases so choose a mask for deep pore cleansing or a purifying mask to help declog pores,


This is the most sensitive and thinnest part of our face and usually dark circles form due to lack of sleep and tired eyes so pick eye mask patches that are oxygenating to help perk up your eyes.

The Chin

This part of our face can be a bit tricky when it comes to determining it's concern. Sometimes it can be dry but at times oily too. So you either apply moisturizing mask or purifying/deep pore cleansing mask.

The Cheeks

Cheeks usually have pimple marks and can be oily or dry too. So choose a balancing mask.

It is best to Multi-Mask at night so you'll skin will get some rest after and you'll have better results and don't forget to not overdo this, once or twice a week will do.

Have you done Multi-masking before? 
What can you say about this new beauty trend?
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