Tupperware Colour Collection Lipsticks Review

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I am a self-proclaim lipstick junkie and I do love collecting and buying new lipsticks every now and then. For me, you can never have enough lipstick ^_^. I do use different lipstick almost everyday to mix and match but when I find a shade that I really like the most, I have this tendency to use it almost non-stop for more than weeks or months.

So here's my latest lipstick addiction. Tupperware Colour Collection Lipsticks in Merlot and Red Wine. I have been a fan of Tupperware Colour Collection Lipsticks since I have tried one and I am dedicating this entire post about it and hopefully shed some light on you if you haven't tried this brand before.

These Colour Collection Lipsticks are under their Vitamin E collection. It has variety of lipstick finishes from matte to satin to sheer. I particularly like Matte lipsticks hence my first ever Colour Collection Lipstick in Merlot.

Merlot is a nice warm neutral tone that reminds me a lot of Kylie Jenner's staple lip color. It's leaning towards mauve shade and has this really flattering look against my natural lip color. This lipstick is great for everyday so thinking of what to pair this with will never be a problem. It's matte formulation is very hydrating and it lasts for good 3-4 hours with occasional drinking and eating. This is my everyday lipstick.

Red Wine on the other hand, is a deep red color that is perfect when you want to look extra dramatic and sophisticated. The tone compliments my skin color well and i do get compliment from friends when I have this on. Unlike Merlot, Red Wine is a Satin finish one. Although it has shinier finish compared to Merlot it's not over powering and it doesn't bleed either. It can also last for a good 3-4 hour wear.

I have noticed that I have been reaching out to these shades quite often lately and these easily became my no-brainer lipstick shades. I do love these shades and I will be repurchasing once I have ran out of it.

Wearing Merlot ^_^
Wearing Red Wine

Colour Collection Lipsticks are available on your Tupperware dealers and are priced reasonably. They usually are on sale and promos so you'll really get great deals on this. I got mine for 330php+ for 2. Such a steal!

What about your favorite lipstick shades? 

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