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Hello Awesome Readers!~

When it comes perfume or scents in general I prefer mild sweet scent compared to musky ones. It's true that your chosen scents can also reflect your personality. I am not mild if you are going to say that, but i am more of a sophisticated type of a woman I must say or so I think~ ^^ Picking the right scent for my everyday is a crucial thing for me because scents can also add spice to your day and also make you confident in a way. When you smell good and your scent matches perfectly your style and personality people will notice it more and you'll feel more in control.

I was busy browsing SM Supermarket when I accidentally found this Ellips French Vanilla Scent. I bought it because I have no choice and I think it's good enough only to find out that I will completely fall in love with this product. Ellips French Vanilla is from their Serenity Collection and it has been my everyday cologne since then. See how much I have used up so far~

Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor and I do love its aroma and having it as a daily cologne is such a treat. The smell is a bit over-powering at first but eventually it will wear off and the smell will become soft sweet smell that lasts long. I honestly didn't expect this to last long because it's just a cologne but to my surprise it does leave my clothes scented for quite a number of hours.

Ellips French Vanilla reminds me a lot of Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Fragnance Mist but a lot lighter and milder. Suits me well. 

What is Ellips Serenity Collection? 60php+

A special edition of vivid fragrabces from Ellips. Indulge, Captivate. And Tease their senses.

French Vanilla 65ml

Revel in the sweet and sensual romance of jasmine, vanilla, musk and a hint of sandalwood - an experience remembered forever.

If you like Vanilla scents I really suggest you check Ellips French Vanilla Cologne! ^^ 

What is your daily scent?

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Maria Isabella Alegrio said...

It really is lovely! I used up two bottles some years back when the packaging was different. I'd buy it again if I didn't have so many pasalubong colognes lying around. But good thing it's still in the market. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Buhia said...

Hi! I love how you reviewed the Ellips Cologne French Vanilla :) First read about how great Ellips cologne on and so I've been using it ever since. Because of your review, I will try the French Vanilla scent now :)) It's on my shopping list!