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Time for another travel post! Recently, my nephew and I went on a school field trip to Pampanga to visit some historical places like San Guillermo church, Death March and the Air Force Base. The highlight of the trip is the Dinosaurs Island in Clark. One thing about my nephew is that he is really in to Dinosaurs. In fact, he knows a lot of Dinosaurs names/kinds that it really amused me to hear him say their names even before I checked the labels.

Dinosaurs Island is our very own version of Jurassic Park. It literally is – just look into the logo and you’ll see what I mean. They have several attractions like Fossils Museum, Dino Trail, World of Fun, Jurassic Safari Ride and the 7D Super Screen. But unfortunately, we were only able to experience the first three attractions mentioned and the 7D Super Screen and not the Jurassic Safari Ride due to the long cue and the time wasn’t enough. It was almost dark when we finished the other attractions. L But nonetheless, the trip to Dinosaurs Island was such a fun experience.

The dinosaurs are mechanical and they are indeed like real life ones. I am very impressed! They also added sound effects that would make you feel like you are really in the midst of the dinosaur era.
We even had a chance to feed the T-Rex as an additional attraction. You only need to pay 20php to avail this attraction and it quickly became my nephew’s favourite!

The World of Fun attraction was the highlight of our Dinosaur Island tour. This is the part where Dinosaurs perform and mingle with guests. They dance and move around and the best/scariest part of it, they attack! My nephew was so scared that he punched the Dinosaur’s head until it no longer touching his legs. ^_^ It was so funny!

After the main attractions, we decided to avail 7D Super Screen (80php each)  but it’s no longer about the Dinosaurs but about Airplanes and roller coaster ride. And since it was 7D, it was a one of a kind experience. Our chairs flew, swung back and forth and tremble just like how the airplanes and the character in the screen was experiencing. Another hit attraction for my nephew!

Overall, our trip to Dinosaurs Island was a blast! It was ato spend with friends or family. It is educational as well as fun! If given another chance, I would like to go back here and experience the other attractions we weren’t able to avail! ^^

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