Palty Hair Color Review

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I was on a hunt for a very effective hair dye last week because my hair was just getting so dull and my dark roots were inches long already. So I have found a review on this PALTY Hair Color and was immediately sold by how the results turned out for the blogger. So the next day, I dropped by Watsons and purchased one for myself. Now, let me give you my thoughts about this PALTY Hair Color on this review and see if I liked it.

PALTY Hair Color I believe is made from China and has 10 hair dye colors to choose from. I bought the shade Custard Beige and if I may describe it, it is a softer golden blonde shade perfect for light to medium skin tone.

Palty Hair Color is a foaming hair dye that claims to beautifully dye hair into a sparking princess hair color. Hence, the dainty looking princess with beautiful vibrant hair color as their model in their packaging. It also claims to fully color your hair, has a refreshing fruity floral fragrance and it leaves hair shiny and smooth.

I bought mine in Watsons for 499 php. This is by far the most expensive hair dye I have tried on. Last year I did a review on a cheap hair dye from Horteleza so if you haven’t read it click HERE.

If you can tell, I am very stingy when it comes to hair dyes just because I know that I can find affordable ones that work the same. If you go to Horteleza, you’ll understand what I mean.

What I like about PALTY HAIR COLOR

It comes in a very cute packaging.

The products in the box are all you need to color your hair. You’ll get gloves, mixing cup, mixing spatula, hair dye, oxidant, and instruction materials. Very convenient.

The idea of bubble hair dye or foaming hair dye is so genius because it reduces the tendencies of coloring your clothes during the process because it is lightweight and airy unlike traditional hair dyes that are in a cream form, heavy and very liquidy.

The application is very easy as well. You just need to lather the product on your hair no need for combs. It is just like you shampooing your hair.

At first the smell was amazing. It doesn’t smell like chemicals.

It also didn’t hurt my scalp just as much.

It also applied evenly.

What I didn’t like about PALTY HAIR COLOR

I think it needed more than an hour to really set in and let the color appear because the end result of what I got was a bit disappointing. I was expecting somewhere near the 2nd shade on the box but it was deeper than what I expected.

My hair color looked a lot even now but I am not happy with the color pay off. This is something I regret buying this month. Like what I mentioned earlier, I can get more affordable hair color in the market that can perform far better than this 499php hair dye. I won’t be repurchasing this and won’t even bother recommending this to you guys.

It left my hair drier too.



Have you tried PALTY HAIR COLOR?

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