A little Summer Shopping~

Hello Awesome Readers~

Yesterday, I went to St. Francis Square with my good friend in the office, Jewel. We arrived too early for our shift in the office because we visited the Pasig City Hall for some health checkups. So we decided to go to the nearest Tiangge to have some little shopping *actually, i just persuaded her to come with me. thanks for giving in*.

I really wanted to buy some new clothes for our trip to Tagaytay this weekend. I originally wanted some jeggings but I can't find something good enough so here were the few items I bought that day. Really such a small shopping :)

Just went for some skinny jeans for thickness and durability! hahah ^^

LOVE the distress look of this jeans.

Also bought some new blouse good for the summer. Nice texture and love the color!

Comes with this belt too!

LOVE SHOPPING but always look for something cheaper but almost the same quality.You can always find that if you are MATIYAGA~! ^_^

Thanks for reading~

LOVE: Arrienne

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