Swimming at One Oasis

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Tell me what do you love about summer? hmmm...it can be the good sunny/windy weather that's perfect for get-aways, it can also be the LONG vacation every student get to experience when the month of March arrive *inggit much* or it can be the time of the year again to explore new places and discover new adventures that only the perfect season - SUMMER can give!

Well, regardless of the reason there may be, I guess, SUMMER is the best season to go out, have fun and ENJOY the company of one another *whoever you might chose to be with*. Summer can always make things COLORFUL - fashion, accessories, hair, the surroundings and even the water in the beaches/pools are just especially lively and colorful this time of the year!

So here's one activity I enjoy doing during summer - SWIMMING! Here are some pictures I took on a summer day out in a pool in One Oasis Pasig City. I got to spend it with my PAG-IBIG and friends. Hope you'll like this~

Under the umbrella~ ^^

Infinity pool in Oasis~

Those kids in kiddie pool were so cute! They were singing Rolling in the Deep in chorus~

Wearing Tee and shoes, not so prepared for this. :(

See~ still wearing my Tee...

Later on, the guard made sita and said I have to take off the white shirt hahah ^^ Sorry namn :)

Beautiful facade of the swimming area.

Some snacks while swimming!

Snack TIME!

By the bridge~

When we were about to go home! Thanks Jule for the blouse, wasn't able to prepare for this. Next time i'll be ready for sure!

And the CLUB OASIS photo op! hahah ^_^

Had so much fun this day! Looking forward to more swimming this SUMMER!

Thanks for reading~

LOVE: Arrienne

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