How to: Boost your SPF

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HAPPY FRIDAY! It's another happy day in our office today! Aside from the fact that today is pay day, ahem, the sun was out all afternoon! What a great way to end the week! From all those rain last week, I am glad that now I get to enjoy my sleeveless top from the garage sale I went to last time where I met Divine Lee~ ^^

Speaking of SUN, today I would like to talk about some ways we can protect our skin from it's harmful rays. Aside from putting on sunscreen before leaving the house, did you know that there are food that can enhance our skin's SPF? 

Read more to know how..



This will be a good news for chocolate lovers out there. According to studies, eating DARK CHOCOLATE can not only improve our skin texture but also increase our skin's resistance from harmful UV rays. It is best to look for 70-90% cocoa bars and eat it everyday! Just don't forget the key word, DARK CHOCOLATE. It should be dark or else it won't work.


Remember my post last time about TOMATOES. Well, this fruit is really a life saver. It won't only keep your heart healthy but also make your skin radiant. The lycopene found in red fruits, contains  protection against sunburn. It also helps in neutralizing free radicals that can make you look older than you really are.


Salmon is not just a delicious fish but also a healthy one. The omega 3 found in fish can actually raise your skin natural protection while under the sun. It can also fight skin cancer like Melanoma, which is a deadly skin disease.

Godbless Everyone and I hope this will help us fight against the SUN. :)



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