Fun-filled Saturday~

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's already Saturday but I am still working..hahha :) This is one of the rare cases where I get to meet my colleagues during weekend. And somehow, this one time weekend work is making me happy! 

Since we are the only account present, we get to enjoy a lot of things we don't normally experience on a regular working day. So this is such a blessing in disguise~

Anyway, today, I would like to share to you some activities that my closets friends in the office and I did this morning. It was really a fun time~ 

First stop, eating at BON CHON.

We planned to meet few hours before our shift to get together and spend more quality time together. I ordered a garlic chicken and rice with KOYO banoffee. I am so happy to be trying out this new dessert available in Bon Chon and it didn't disappoint me~ It was delicious!

KO-YO Banoffee~

Busy Bon Chon place~

My order!!

Our orders~ The one is the middle is Japchae~ Korean version of Pancit!

Then we took some pictures with my friend Kristine and Denise in one of our longest break and it was a success! I am happy about the outcome of our mini photo shoot. The only thing I hate about Filipino culture is the STARE you get when they see people posing in random places and you know how Filipino men tease you or make all those rude comments while you are doing it~ nah!! I hate it! But good thing I am with my friends so somehow, I was able to pull it through.

 This Saturday was a fun-filled day! I am so happy I went to the office today~ ^^
How's your day?

Let me know!



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Kristine said...

I had fund today, too! <3 Nice post!


I like Banoffee flavor. Quite interested to try the yogurt! ♥