Get the Look: Sexy Chocolate Eyes

Hello Awesome Readers~

How are you all? It's another Get the Look weekend and today, I will be sharing another makeup look inspired by sweet treats that we all LOVE - CHOCOLATES. Last night I was eating some Toblerone that's when I thought of creating a look inspired by it.

Who wouldn't love CHOCOLATES? Eating it gives us pleasure and even changes our mood. There are also some health benefits we can get if we eat the right kind and the right amount. Chocolates are not just food for our sweet tooth but also it can be use for beauty purposes. We get so much benefits from it. So allow me to show you how I did it~

Chocolate Inspired Look
Let's begin~

1. As always, start with a clean face and put some primer on your lids.
2. Use a cream brown shadow in creating a very sexy cat eye wing on the outer corners.
3. Apply your golden eyeshadow in your inner corners and blend with the cream shadow you put earlier.
4. Use a dark chocolate eyeshadow to set the cream shadow and to intensify the chocolate color even more.
5. Curl you lashes and put mascara on and don't forget to bring the same colors down to your lower lash line.
6. Then your Sexy Chocolate makeup look is DONE!

I hope you liked it guys! Try it out soon!



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