Teriyaki Boy Weekend Date

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's weekend!! I had a really sweet Saturday and that's what I will be sharing to you today. I don't usually do this and open my private life online, but this might be an exemption. But don't worry guys, I will not keep this long and cheesy, para walang umay factor. I hope you don't mind~

Well, this morning, my Pagibig surprised me with a letter. It had been eons ago since the last time he wrote me one. I know, I shouldn't be making such a big deal about this but the feeling I got when he handed me the letter was just so surreal. It is like a new relationship again. With all this technology around me, somehow i forgot how simple things can you feel so important and so loved.

Pagibig and I used to write letters together way back then, but time made us forget about it. Letters had been our way of expressing our affection, our anger and even the deep seated feelings we had for each other. For awhile, we forgot how writing letters everyday or every time we can, can make our relationship even stronger. I am glad that we haven't completely lost it. That we can still do it again. In this letter dated 2012, I think we finally found our way back to the old times where we can keep safe in a letter all we feel inside. As we often say, US FOREVER. I hope this didn't make you feel so awkward. But anyway here's a picture of his letter  ~

In line with this, he even invited me for a date today. We went to Teriyaki Boy and devour of ultimate favorites in one our favorite restaurants.

Let me show you what we ordered and I will recommend you this one particular dish that we LOVE so much! But first here's what Pagibig and I ordered.

I ordered  Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki Don and Pagibig ordered Tanmen Ramen.
Now, for the most delicious cheese roll in town...

This is the BEST Cheese Roll!! 
If you haven't tried this, I really suggest the next time you visit Teriyaki Boy get yourself one of this.You will never REGRET it! ^^ This costs for about 190php. It's a bit steep but it's all worth it!

That's it! Thanks for reading my special blog today! I hope you enjoy your weekend!



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Hazel☺ said...

ohh yeah, i think i've tried that cheese roll already! SARAP NGA! :)