How to: Hair Color forYour Skin Tone

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My Friday didn't start so well. I am a little worried that it will end like this. But to my surprise, I received a very good news today regarding one of my recent engagements on beauty and makeup, and that is about a Fashion Show that my friends friend is going to have. Just this morning, my friend informed me that I will be one of their official Makeup Artist for the models of that said event! That is just the MOST AMAZING news I got! I've been really praying for this! I can't wait!! ^^ Rest assured awesome readers that you will be all with me on this. I will not fail to update you on this BIG OPPORTUNITY! ^^ 

Now, let's talk about another tip on beauty. Yesterday, I shared to you a post on how to understand your undertone. And I mentioned about how important this is in your future choices in fashion and in makeup. Now that we had learned about it, it's time for us to know how to match colors to our skin tone.

Let's first discuss hair color choices. Choosing hair color is another decision that is so hard to make. Especially, if you have no idea what color will suit you, among all of the different hair color choices in the market. But since, you know exactly what your undertone is, it would be easier for you to decide.
Just a little reminder, if you haven't read about my post on how to know your undertone, please read it prior to this one. You will know better once you took the test. HERE

There are basically 3 undertones - WARM, COOL and NEUTRAL. I will be giving some tips on how you can choose your hair color base on your skin's undertone. In this way, you will know exactly what color will best radiate your beauty.

WARM Undertone

This is one very easy trick I will share with you. If you have warm undertone it means you will be needing warm colors too. It will never confuse you in that way. Some colors that you choose will be dark golden brown and auburn. Let me show you some examples for you to see:


COOL Undertone

If warm is to warm, then COOL is to COOL too. Some colors that will look good on people with COOL undertone will be brown and blonde. Here are some examples:

Brown Hair Colors

NEUTRAL Undertone

For Neutral Undertone people, you really don't have to think hard. Whatever you feel like coloring your hair will look good on you. Just make sure that if your skin is more towards red, stay away from red hair colors.


Hope this would help! ^^ I will change my hair color soon!~ I have WARM undertone and I can't wait what I will look like~

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