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HAPPY Thursday! It's another day for a new makeup post. As I was putting makeup early this morning, i was thinking about what to share to my readers today. Then, I immediately thought of some common problems and questions of people have when it comes to choosing the right foundation. I already did a number of posts regarding choosing the right foundation for you and I think there's one more thing I missed on discussing. And that is how to know your undertone. 

Don't you know that knowing your undertone will help you in deciding what clothes and jewelry you will look best? I really think that many people are neglecting on knowing what their undertone is. Most of us even confuse it with overtone. So allow me to differentiate the two first before we head on to knowing your undertone.


What is Overtone?

Overtone is generally the color of your skin. If you are Asian, most probably you will have yellow to olive skin and others have pink, white and black skin. But this doesn't necessarily means that your overtone is your undertone.

What is Undertone?

I would like to quote Morningmakeupcall on this. According to her blog, "An Undertone in skin, is a subdued color that comes through your skins color. This determines not only what color your foundation should be but also what colors, shadows, jewelery, lipsticks, blushes, clothes, anything that will be the most flattering on you and your skin."

Basically it is your color under you skin that peeps through. I must admit that this is really difficult to determine. I myself needed to ask my friend to check my vein color and see what my undertone is. It is really one of the trickiest part in makeup. But trust me, once you learned about this, your later choices will be so much easier.

So let's begin and let me show you some helpful tips on how you can determine your undertone.


 TIP 1



This is the most common way on how you can check and know you undertone. It is also the easiest. Just check the colors of your veins on your wrist if you see GREEN or YELLOW veins it means you have WARM. BLUE veins on the other hand means, your undertone is COOL and if you see both GREEN and BLUE that means you have NEUTRAL undertone.



Here is another way on how you can see what your undertone is. Just simply wear a white shirt or put a white cloth against your face and pull your hair back. Make sure there is nothing blocking your face. With this, you will see what your undertone is. If you have WARM undertone your face will appear more YELLOW. For COOL tones your skin will appear more PINK. And for NEUTRAL tones your skin will look greenish or olive.




One last trick is to wear jewelry. All you need is SILVER and GOLD accessory. People with WARM tones will look good with GOLD and people with COOL tones will look good in SILVER jewelries.

There you guys, I hope this will be helpful!! So what are you waiting for, follow these tips and you are good to go!

Let me know what you found out~



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