Pigging Out

Hello Awesome Readers~

How often do you pig out? I can't remember the last time I didn't honestly. I know, i might sound like PATAY GUTOM to you now but I really love eating. I think my love of makeup has a contender in my heart and that is EATING.

I am a type of person that believes that treating yourself after hard days of work is a form of reward. I often to this to myself simply not just because I am hungry, I do it because I think I deserve it. It is just like how I view shopping for makeup and clothes. The harder I work, the more I reward myself. I guess the downside of this though is my escalating expenditures. :( I know I have to keep this in moderation. 

For now, I would like to share to you some of my current cravings and indulgence.

First stop, Kenny Rogers. If you are planning to eat out with your family but you want to save and taste good food then avail Kenny Rogers Combo meals or Group Meals.

Here's what we ordered last time:

Next stop, Korean Restaurant 6days. This is the nearest restaurant here in our office. It was actually my first time to eat Samgyeopsal. It's the best! If you happen to drop by here near Ortigas, Pearl Drive then I suggest you check out 6Days Korean Restaurant. I wasn't able to take a picture of our Samgyeopsal but this is basically what it looks like. We also bought some other food like tteokbokki and Japchae.

Japchae and Tteokbokki
Last but not the least, a simple team celebration where I was one of the organizers. We decided to buy some finger food like mini doughnuts and ice cream. Super Yummy treat!

Thanks for reading~



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Alice said...

whoa! daming food! nomnomnom moment talaga! :D

Irving Alexander Salcedo said...

EHHH. nakakagutom!! :O :))

Adly Velasco said...

I think I pig out at least once a day. hahaha. Sometimes even more. So much good food in this post! *.* Love Kenny Rogers and Jap food. :D


Janet said...

the food looks super delish!! gawd, you made me hungry on this post! lolz ^_~

Arrienne said...

Hello awesome readers! Thanks everyone for commenting! I think we all share common denominator~ FOOD!!