Makeup Look: Cupcake Inspired Look

Hello Awesome Readers~

I am in the mood again to create something special for all of you. Who can't resist the cuteness and yumminess of a cupcake? Cupcake had been such a popular finger food in parties and for snacks. And as the time goes by, cupcake industry had become even more popular and presentation had never been this CUTE. No wonder, many people both young and young at hearts like to eat and take pictures of this food made in heaven - cupcakes.

Since, i can't bake at all, I decided to put my cupcake madness in a work of art that I know better than baking. And that is creating a makeup look. I created simple steps that you can follow to get your very own cupcake inspired makeup look.

Here's the inspiration:

Let's begin:

 How to do it:

1. Start of with clean face.
2. Apply base, in this case, I used a white eyeliner to help the colors show up even more.
3. Apply the first color, I chose a purple-ish blue eyeshadow. Apply this all over the lid.
4. Then choose a pink color for the outer crease. Blend it until halfway through the inner corner.
5. Use a matte white eyeshadow for the inner corners for highlight and this will also represent the white frosting of your cupcake.
6. Sprinkle glitters on top of your lid to complete the look.

There you go guys. That's how you can create a cupcake inspired look without being master chef :)

Have a sweet Tuesday!



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Chrissy said...

Hi Arienne! I love the look! Just a word of caution though, be careful using craft glitter around your eyes, they can injure or damage your eye, or even cause blindness in extreme cases!

Arrienne said...

HI Chrissy! Thanks for your sincere advice! ^^ I appreciate it~

Jenna Heap said...

OMG i love this look! Cupcakes are adorable and so is this makeup! thanks for making my day!
Follow me?
-Jenna <3

Arrienne said...

Hi Jenna! ^^ You are so right! CUPCAKES are so adorable!~ Keep smiling~