Makeup Look: Rainbow Lollipop!

Hello Awesome Readers~

Once in awhile, it's really fun to remember the old times and pretend you are young again.In this new look I created, I was inspired by the rainbow colors of this sweet LOLLIPOP. The colors are so vibrant and it reminds me of summer and carnivals/amusement parks~ 

I tried to pick up some colors from this lollipop and created a cute and wearable look good for those young at hearts. 

The colors I used were from my 88 color palette and some a dusty pink cheeks and lips to complete it.

 If you want to know more about this look~ Watch the tutorial below
What do you think?



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Gellie Abogado said...

the colors look so cute and makes me want to get a multicolored lollipop and eat it whole. LOL

AsianBeautyx89 said...

I like how you line your eyes! :) do you have a tutorial on that?

Janet said...

cute and prettY! Loves much ^_~

Alice said...

sooo cute! Love this look! :)