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Hello Awesome Readers~

Today, I went out finally with my sister after five days since she came back from Dubai. It's really the perfect time to go out with her for there are a lot sales in the mall today like the Kids fashion sale in Mega Mall and my most favorite part of it the Phil-cosmetics expo. I've been really planning to build my traincase for my future makeup gigs with my good friend Arnica from Popsiam and also some other functions I will have for my future clients.

After the first stop in the Kids fashion sale, I asked my sister to drop by at Phil-cosmetic expo and I was able to score some other makeup items I've been really wanting to have. After strolling for awhile, I found this booth and I didn't know it was Digital Traincase only until i reached the house and checked the paper bag. :) I bought there two items I've been really wanting to try - the Eos Lip balm and the infamous Models Own lipstick. I originally wanted to buy one sleek palette but the one I wanted was out of stock. So I ended up buying the EOS lip balm instead. But it was okay, I am regretful about it.

The EOS lip balm costs me 250php and I got the sweet mint. It smell so good and for those who want me to review this product, don't worry I will do a review soon on all the products I will mention here.

Next stop is the Models Own Matt Brite lipstick in Annalise's Pink. It a super bright Pink lipstick I,be been really wanting to own. The best thing about this is its matte. I really can't wait to use this. I got it for 360php.

The last thing I got is a set of lashes. I will be needing this afternoon lot so need to pack on this. According to the box, this lashes were hand made so this better be good. I got these lashes for 300php which I think is steep but I still want to give these lashes a try so I bought it anyway.

I am really looking forward to try these items and give a review on these.

Did you go to Phil-cosmetics? What did you get?



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