How to: Age Appropriate Makeup

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Makeup is one of the best accessories of women. And as women age, our of makeup application should also change. Today, I would like to share to you how you wear age appropriate makeup.

I will only be discussing three age brackets that I feel most of my readers can relate to. So let's begin :)

Makeup for the Teens and for the early 20s

This is the time to play with colors and create a lot of different looks. You can be experimental and go to the extreme. This age bracket is limitless. You can do anything you can think of as long as it fits you. This is the stage where bright colors and even neons are okay to wear! So if you fall under this bracket, don't miss your chance to get to know what color fits you and play around with it.

Makeup for Late 20s to early 30s

This is what I want to call the transition years in terms of wearing makeup. This is the time where ladies are now turning into a woman, where she tries to find sophistication in her looks. She wants to be a little bit mature in order to gain more respect in the workplace or to show her life achievements so far from the way she carries herself. In light with these goals, the best way to look sophisticated and look a little mature is to go for nudes, champagne colors with an accent of a black or brown eyeliner.

Makeup for Late 30s to Early 40s

Gone are the days where you can play with a lot of colors for this particular age bracket. Usually during this stage, women's skin deteriorate. Women can find fine lines and other sign of aging all over her body and face is not an exemption. The best way to bring the sexy back is to bring back the youthful look on your face. Your best friend will the illuminators or highlighters. Make your skin look glowing by applying this to the areas where the light will usually hit your face.

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