My 24th Birthday Celebration~


Hello Awesome Readers~

Long time no post. I missed you all so much! Last week had been the busiest week of my life. I had so much to do. And I apologize I cannot squeeze in my free time writing a blog post for you guys. So today, I will be sharing to you the most wonderful thing that happened to me last October 24, Wednesday - my birthday!

In the past, I define happiness as something tangible, something you can possess and keep forever. I looked for so many ways on how to be happy - material possessions, clothes, loads and loads of makeup - things that will not last forever. I though this was the only way to make yourself truly happy.

I associate birthday celebrations with status in life. The grander the better. The more expensive things you acquire on your birthday the more people will look up to you and like you. But today, I was changed.

Few days before my birthday, i got severely sick. All of my plans for my birthday were changed by how I will surpass this and how I will be cured. I devote my time talking to my father (papa) and my God. I prayed hard to become healthy again and gave up everything I planned for. And I said to myself, from now on, I will be a better servant and will be more faithful to my God.

God's timing is always perfect and He is indeed an answering God. He healed me few days before my birthday. And with that I am already satisfied. But God didn't stop from answering my prayer to heal me, He even blessed my friends hearts to surprise me in the office and made my day EXTRA SPECIAL.

I cannot measure how truly HAPPY  I am to have been blessed by God. This my friend is the real meaning of HAPPINESS. I am glad that He made me experience it with friends and family that are like angels to my life. I cannot put into words the contentment and joy I have in me because of this. Allow me to share my amazing blessings and hope to inspire you as well!

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Thank you guys and GOD for making me so HAPPY!

Here are the pictures!~ Enjoy~
Special Thanks to my great friend Kristine for the photos!

My bestest buddies~ Bibang and Tine! ^^

Bibang gave me a SUPER adorable lollipop pen and a super LONG letter! <3

Tine gave me this cute letters and a lipstick from revlon! Thanks Tine!

One of my bestest buddies visited me and this is the 2nd year she surprised me! I loveyou SAGE!

My super messy station filled with HAPPINESS!

One of my dearest Teachers, playing a violin for me! He was nervous but he did so well! ^^ Thanks Von! :)

Here are all the beautiful things that my dear friends and teacher gave. I cried not just once that day. They filled my heart with so much joy I can't contain it! ^^ Again THANK YOU for making me so HAPPY!



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1 comment:

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday again, Ayensu!
What you wrote was so touching!
Im glad you enjoyed your special day.. Im sorry for the simple gift ha.. I really had no time to go out but its make up so Im sure magagamit mo din siya. hehe
I like the collage you did.. :)