3 Cool Halloween Ideas!

Hello Awesome Readers~

One more day before Halloween!! ^^ I can't wait to see my friends' costumes and get up for tomorrow~ Are you like me who look forward for the celebration tomorrow?

Well, honestly speaking, we won't have any grand celebration in the office for the Halloween. Since my bosses are all Korean and they don't really celebrate this occasion, it is therefore understood. But my friends and my team will not let this day pass by without having a simple celebration. Halloween only happens once a year so better yet enjoy it.

For sure, a lot of you are still contemplating and conceptualizing on who and what to wear on Halloween. You definitely want to impress your colleagues with how you look but still want to stay on a budget and not spending a whole new wardrobe just for a single event.

So for today, I would like to share some tips on how you can come up with some cool Halloween ideas that will surely make an impression without emptying your pockets.

Halloween is a perfect time to dress up and be different. Who said that Halloween is only for kids? Yes, we cannot go trick or treating anymore, but we can still have fun dressing up and taking pictures of our very own versions of our favorite character costumes, right? So for those who are having hard time deciding on what to be or wear on Halloween, here are some ideas:


If you like to go all out with dramatic costumes and hair dresses without spending too much, just go with characters that will be easy to recreate and whose costumes will be available in Ukay-ukay or Thrift Stores or perhaps make use of your own clothes and just customize it to look alike. Remember, it doesn't have to be EXACTLY the same, you can just use that characters costume as your inspiration.

Here is a PIRATE inspired outfit that you can come up with. Almost all of the these are wearable and you can definitely find this in your closet or your friends. You can just borrow it then put it all together then there you have your PIRATE COSTUME. ^_^

 One more idea is this LOLITA inspired outfit. If you are more on the girly side and would like to showcase it even more, then go for this look. Very easy to recreate. Again, you don't have to buy a costume, just look around your closet and see if you have anything similar to this and your good to go!


If you are into movies and you would like your Halloween costume coming from it. Then here are some easy looks that you can recreate.

Here we have the infamous BLACK SWAN. All you will be needing is a black tube and a black tutu skirt. You just have to recreate the makeup then you are done!
Here is a very simple and easy look of KATNISS EVERDEEN from Hunger Games. All you will be needing is a cargo pants and a simple black shirt. Just braid your hair then your done!



If you want to turn back the time and rock the 80's or 70's. These ideas might be of help.

Here is the ever classic and elegant AUDREY HEPBURN. Her look is very simple and easy to find. The key pieces would be the classic black dress and the high bun! ^^

Now here's one of my favorite outfits in the past. High waist polka dots skirt and a simple white top will make your transformation to the past complete.

There you go ladies! I really hope this post will help you decide your Halloween look tomorrow. Just remember that no matter what you decide to wear, just OWN it and ROCK it! 




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