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HAPPY first Monday of November! Can you feel the joy of Christmas already? It excites me to see houses and even famous establishments getting all busy decorating for Christmas! If you are to ask me, DECORATING is one of my interests. I love everything and anything that has to do with decorating. Maybe that's why big celebrations and holidays are my favorites.

Anyway, I really missed writing post under the category of Makeup Spotlight! So today, I will be sharing a new product I bought from my friend Alice. For sure, a lot of you knows about Sophie Paris and Koshize they're makeup line. I did some posts about it before and today, I would like to share to you their new and improved packaging in their cosmetic line.

I've been a fan of Koshize lippies because they are absolutely high quality for a reasonable price. I swear by this product that's why i just can't keep myself from trying out new stuffs from this brand.

I spotted this new lipstick line they have in the brochure, but i was surprised to know that the previous Koshize lippies i knew were already faced out. If look up in my banner picture, I was holding a Koshize lippy there and that's the one that's faced out! Too bad! 

So let's have a closer look in this new and improved Koshize lipstick.

Here's the packaging of the new and improved Koshize lipstick.

What do you think?

Now side by side with the old packaging. The old one is more appealing when it comes to design but the new one is more simple and classic.

When it comes to the lipstick tube, the old packaging has gold and dusty pink colors while the new one has silver and dark red. Personally, I like the old packaging better for I am a SUCKER for anything pink. But there's always a room for new color namn in my heart eh~

Now it's time for us to run down my LIKES and DISLIKES about this lipstick.

*Better packaging when it comes to sturdiness. I guess this new one is sturdier than the previous packaging.
*Although its a new product, I can say that the pigmentation of the lipstick is still the same. Really good pigmentation.
* I love this particular lipstick color. Not too bright and not to pale.
* No smell at all. 
*Has a satin finish which will be perfect for everybody.
*Reasonable price for only 240php.

* Though the pigmentation is still the same with the old one, i think the longevity of this new lipstick is not that good. It doesn't last too long. Needs touch ups after eating.
*Not so happy with the packaging. It's too plain and common looking for me.
* More expensive than the old ones.

This can be a good product but I guess it can't equal the love i have with the old ones. But I think it is still worth a try. The quality is still the same.

This product deserves 3 out f 5 rating.

A little swatch of the lipstick in Fierce Pink.
 What do you think guys?
Let me know.



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