Makeup Battle: Liquid Vs Cream Eyeliner

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Welcome to a new entry for my episode Makeup Battle here in my blog. Today's Makeup Battle will be between a Liquid Eyeliner and Cream Eyeliner.

Let's first discuss the use of an eyeliner. An Eyeliner is one of the many makeup essentials that a girl should have in order to create dramatic and sultry makeup looks. There are actually 3 kinds of eyeliners in the market - pencil, liquid and cream eyeliners. But today, we will only be talking about 2 of its kind to further emphasize the similarities and differences of the above mentioned formulas.

What is a Liquid Eyeliner?

From the name itself, it has liquid formula and texture that is packaged in a plastic container. Usually, liquid eyeliners have glossy or wet finish which makes it perfect for creating an illusion of a more enhanced wing and eye shape.

Liquid Eyeliners are like nail polishes or paints for the eyes. All you need to do is to dip the brush provided and swipe it across your lids. 

PROS of using a Liquid Eyeliner
1. Great for creating perfect cat eye liners.
2. The glossy finish makes the black color against your lids a lot more intense.
3. You can easily take it off with a make remover or soap and water.
4. It can create more detailed and defined lines.
5. Not for water line.

CONS of using a Liquid Eyeliner
1. Requires a steady hand to create precise lines and shapes.
2. Takes a while to dry.
3. Since it is easy to remove, it has a tendency to flake.

What is a Cream Eyeliner?

A cream eyeliner has a softer texture and are usually packaged in a pan. It should be applied with an angled brush and most of time when you buy cream eyeliners brush is not included. So you have to find an angled brush for yourself to apply the product. Cream eyeliners has a matte finish. 

PROS of using Cream Eyeliner
1. Easy to work with. It doesn't require a really steady hand to do your eyelining.
2. Can be used both top and bottom lids.
3. Creates a smokey and dramatic eye looks.
4. Thick and reach matte black color in a pan.

CONS of using Cream Eyeliner
1. Matte finish can be a little too flat and boring against different eyeshadows.
2. Hard to remove.
3. Has a tendency to smudge and transfer on the upper lids if your eyelids are oily.
4. The cream can dry out easily when not covered tightly.

There you guys, I hope this article helps you in deciding which eyeliner to use. Have a fierceful day ahead!


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Chrissy said...

Honestly I don't have any preference between the two... it all comes down to the finish I want for the look, and the applicator. I don't really like some of the applicators in some liquid eyeliners... hihi. But for now my current fave is actually a gel liner (Maybelline).