My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello Awesome Readers~

How do you prepare for work or school everyday? What are your makeup essentials?

Well for me, I have a very easy and simple makeup routine every morning. I like to save time and as much as possible eat my brunch that's why I try to lessen my prep up time everyday. So I have here a very simple routine that anyone can do if you find yourself taking too much time in the mirror.

Here are my Everyday Makeup Essentials! ^^

I try to make my makeup routine easy to work with as possible but won't compromise me looking presentable each day. For a busy young professional like me, it's never a choice to leave a house looking like I just rolled out of bed. I guess for some people they like the idea of retouching and doing all the makeup on the go like while in the cab or for some while in a train, this will not work for me. One is it's too risky to prep up in a moving vehicle and another is i feel shy when people stare at me for some reasons. 

So I have here some really simple makeup items that you can work with everyday without you spending too much money and time. 

Face Essentials

For everyday you should never skip moisturizing. So I have here my all time favorite moisturizer which is Myra E Daily Sun Protect. Great for sun protection and good source of moisture. This will probably take me for less than 30 sec to apply.

Next is my handy and favorite cream foundation from Pinkie Swear. Love how it's easy for me to blend this product away even if I am on a hurry. This will take about 1 min for me to blend thoroughly.

Then I set everything with my trusty powder foundation from Ever Bilena. Time consumed will be for about less than a minute.

Eye Essentials

I forgot to include here my brow routine well I will just count it in so it will take me a minute to do my brow everyday.

Next step is my favorite winged eyeliner to enhance my eye shape and to give drama to my eyes. I like using this BYS smudge proof eyeliner in Black. This will take me for a couple of minutes to perfect the wing.

Then I curl my lashes and put on mascara from Avon. This will take about 2 mins as well.

Cheek and Lips Essentials

I like my cheeks to be really naturally flushed so I like using this baby pink blush my sister gave me. This will only take me less than a minute to do so.

And finally my lips. I like using different kinds of lipstick everyday, but for today, I used this WetnWild Megalast lipstick and I top it all of with my NYX lip gloss in Ballerina Pink. This step is super easy to do so it will only take me a minute.

So the amount of time I consume everyday when I prep up for work will be roughly around 10-20 minutes. Really quick and easy! ^^

How about you what's your makeup essentials?



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